Fashion Tips

Ah, the amazing and beautiful apple-shaped body – how can you tell that you have one? Well, typically, an apple-shaped body consists of a rounded tummy (which is ever-so-beautiful!) and a bigger bust. While this shape is amazing, it’s also a little hard to dress, as you can find things to fit your stomach and show off your legs, but your bust is a little large. If you’ve been trying to find fashion tips for an apple-shaped body, look no further! I’ve got all of the tips you’ll ever need to make you look beautiful, no matter how busty you are!

Don’t Hide Your Shape

No matter what shape you are, apple, pear or even hourglass, don’t ever hide your shape! Instead, flaunt it a little! You should be proud of yourself and how beautiful you are. So that means, don’t hide your shape in baggy dresses, in baggy pants and in clothes that don’t fit you. Instead, go for boot-cut or straight-legged trousers with a flat front and a wide waist-band. These are the pants that look the best on an apple shape!

Use Structure

By far, one of the best things about your particular body type ladies, is the fact that awesome structured jackets look amazing on you! Pair them with a flowing dress or long skirt and you’re a trendsetter! One fashion tip though, avoid double-breasted jackets, as they can actually make you look more bustier than you are and you don’t want that!

Vibrant Patterns Look Lovely

Patterns are something that your particular body shape can pull off beautifully! Vibrant patterns will really make you stand out in a crowd and yet will keep your tummy looking amazing. Pairing your vibrant colored top with some lighter colored bottoms is a great way to really give into your shape. Also, if you are wearing a dress, a-line shapes are fantastic for an apple-shape!

Open Necklines Are a Must

Finally, v-neck shapes are a fashion tip that all apple-shaped women should know! Whether it be a wrap dress or a halter, v-necks are something that will show off your goods – while not giving away too much. A side-tie dress is also something that will draw attention away from those bits that you might not be fond of, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a dress!

So girls, these are just a very few of the top fashion tips that will really make your apple-shape look beautiful! Just remember, no matter what shape you are, you are beautiful and you should flaunt your shape! So ladies, what other fashion tips do you have to share with me?